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Hiša Franko Reviews

I was inclined to detest the food at Hia Franko because of my background. It has never been my favorite type of cuisine, which is centered on the chef and his or her stories. Despite this, I couldn’t stop myself from enjoying my lunch. The environment is gorgeous, the service excellent, and the chef’s opinion is clearly communicated via the cuisine and the whole dining experience, which is refreshing. There were a few of meals where I didn’t exactly think the taste combinations worked or where a single flavor was too prominent, but the whole experience at Hia Franko transcended simply what was placed on the plate. In the event that I find myself in the vicinity again, I would gladly return, and you should do the same if you ever find yourself within a few hours drive of the restaurant.

Cuisine Type: Creative, Regional Cuisine

Beef tongue pastrami, oyster, seaweed crystal, jalapeño and wild watercress

Chestnut dumpling filled with bear paw, forest consommé

Zemljanka cheese mochi, caramelised medlar, puffed grains

Address: Staro selo 1, Kobarid, 5222, Slovenia

Phone: +386 5 389 41 20

Website: Hiša Franko Official Site

Hours: Closed: 10 January-4 March, Monday, Tuesday

Michelin Stars: 2