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Agli Amici Reviews

The Italian delicacies served at this establishment are highly recommended by tourists. It’s worth stopping by Bar Trattoria Agli Amici for the excellently prepared polenta, fish, and antipasto that they provide. It will appeal to those who like house wines.

Even during rush hour, this facility’s handy location makes it simple to get there even when traffic is heavy. The majority of reviews express gratitude for the pleasantness of the workers at this establishment. Excellent service is something that customers often mention in their evaluations. The calm atmosphere makes visitors feel welcome and draws in additional customers. This bar has received a 4.3-star rating from Google users, which is pretty generous.

Cuisine Type: Modern Cuisine

Rosa di Gorizia con miso bianco in scapece e limone salato

Pollo di cortile

Crema pasticciera, gelato di topinambur e pelle di maiale soffiata

Address: via Liguria 252, Godia, 33100, Italy

Phone: +39 0432 565411

Website: Agli Amici Official Site

Hours: Closed: Monday, Tuesday, lunch : Wednesday, dinner : Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2