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Osteria Francescana Reviews

Massimo Bottura strives to convey a narrative via his cuisine in his restaurant. Cooking with a narrative may be successful; some of my favorite meals have been at restaurants such as Kadeau and Hisa Franko, where the chef’s personality and history are evident on the plate and in the service. However, for this sort of cuisine to be successful, there must be a strong relationship between the kitchen and the front of house. A dish and tasting menu might lose their significance if they are not presented in a narrative by the front of house staff (FOH). This is where the most of my issues with Osteria Francescana stem from – the front of house was dreadful. He is completely robotic, shows no excitement for the cuisine, and is just interested about taking as much money from customers as possible. They were the polar opposite of Chef Bottura, who prepared a meal with such enthusiasm that you couldn’t help but appreciate it when he delivered it.

Most of the cuisine at Osteria Francescana was excellent after removing the inflated expectations that had been placed on it as a result of its stellar reputation. Although not at the near-impossible level that being “number one in the world” would indicate, it is nonetheless rather excellent. The kitchen was innovative, and it was able to pull off some unusual taste combinations with success. Despite all of the inventiveness, the technical skills remained strong, as each course was done flawlessly. Taking the FOH out of the equation, I’d give this a 94 or 95 out of 100. Unfortunately, the front-of-house staff detracted from the experience, resulting in a lower grade. An absolute disgrace, especially given the degree of talent present in the kitchen and the restaurant’s stellar reputation.

Cuisine Type: Creative

Cinque stagionature di parmigiano reggiano in differenti consistenze e temperature

Tagliatelle al ragù

Ooops! Mi è caduta la crostata al limone

Address: via Stella 22, Modena, 41121, Italy

Phone: +39 059 223912

Website: Osteria Francescana Official Site

Hours: Closed: Monday

Michelin Stars: 3