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San Domenico Reviews

Many guests stop by this eatery after taking a stroll through the Museo di San Domenico. San Domenico’s Italian cuisine features delectable meals that are sure to please. Tortellini, fish, and broth will be served to you, everything properly prepared. Good gelato, galletti, and profiteroles should be tried. Come here for wonderful cordial, wine, or sangiovese, and you will not be disappointed. The best ristretto and the best latte may be found at this establishment.

You may choose between indoor and outdoor dining options. A lot of reviews have commented on the staff’s friendliness. The service at this establishment can only be described as timely. According to reports, the prices here are reasonable. You will undoubtedly be impressed by the wonderful environment that exists. Showpiece meals created by a celebrity chef will be served at the Michelin-starred restaurant, which has two stars.

Cuisine Type: Classic Cuisine

Noci di cappasanta alla plancia, riduzione di ostriche e Martini Dry, vongole veraci alle erbe

Ravioli di faraona e verza con salsa al Marsala e tartufo nero

Barretta al cioccolato croccante al gianduia e sorbetto alla pera

Address: via Sacchi 1, Imola, 40026, Italy

Phone: +39 0542 29000

Website: San Domenico Official Site

Hours: Closed: 8-29 August, Monday, dinner : Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2