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Ramón Freixa Madrid Reviews

If you seem to be in the vicinity of Monumento al Descubrimiento de America, you might stop by this eatery. If you have never had Mediterranean or Spanish food before, you should make a reservation at Ramón Freixa Madrid to experience it firsthand. The chefs at this establishment try their utmost to provide delicious laing, antipasto, and broth to its customers. Cucurucho, parfait, and petit fours are all prepared to perfection.

The wine selection is extensive and may meet the demands of a wide range of customers. Drinking a superb cortado or a tasty juice is a requirement while visiting this establishment. All year long, visitors are welcomed by the kind and competent personnel. Professional service is something that tourists enjoy about this establishment. You will appreciate the reasonable costs. This restaurant has a pleasant vibe as well as a charming interior design. This two-star Michelin restaurant will give you spectacular dishes that have been crafted by a well-established chef.

Cuisine Type: Creative

Carabinero en dos tiempos y lámina de arroz

Pechuga de pichón reposado con maíces y parfait de sus interiores

Chocolate, avellanas y café

Address: Claudio Coello 67, Madrid, 28001, Spain

Phone: +34 917 81 82 62

Website: Ramón Freixa Madrid Official Site

Hours: Closed: 29 July-31 August, Monday, Tuesday, dinner : Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2