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La Maison d’à Côté Reviews

Please do not put off your visit — the French cuisine is eagerly awaiting your arrival. Many customers suggest that you get well-cooked consomme, misir, and caviar while dining out. Parfaits, fruitcakes, and brioches are all delicious.

The wine selection is extensive and can accommodate the demands of any and all customers. When visiting this establishment, it is essential to indulge in some delectable coffee. The excellent service and the friendly employees are two of its major assets. La Maison d’à Côté’s pricing are certain to amaze you with their affordability. Visitors can unwind in this setting thanks to the magnificent décor and outstanding ambience. The presence of two red knife-and-fork emblems indicates that this establishment is one of Michelin’s top locations since it delivers exceptional comfort.

Cuisine Type: Modern Cuisine, Creative

Caviar de Sologne, carotte, noisette et cerfeuil

Carpe “à la Chambord”, truffe, écrevisse et sauce au vin de Cheverny

Soufflé chaud de saison

Address: 17 rue de Chambord, Montlivault, 41350, France

Phone: +33 2 54 20 62 30

Website: La Maison d’à Côté Official Site

Hours: Closed: Tuesday, Wednesday

Michelin Stars: 2