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Don Alfonso 1890 Reviews

I believe we were fortunate to be able to get a room here after making our reservation in early August in the wake of the covid-19 epidemic. Any other time of the year, I guess you’d have to reserve a room months in advance. We made our reservation after reading recommendations on TripAdvisor, and this establishment did not disappoint! This absolutely exceptional property is located in a little town in the hills between the bays of Naples and Salerno, and it is not to be missed. This is the pinnacle of great dining experience.

You are received with open arms by the family and the rest of the crew. The staff allowed us to have drinks in the gardens even though we came an hour early and were plainly preparing for the evening’s reservations. We were grateful for this. The tour of the wine cellar and library is fantastic; you’ll be delighted with the wine cellar and the caverns that stretch down into a hidden passageway that leads to the wine cellar.

The restaurant itself is stunning, and the service is as impressive. The personnel were helpful and unquestionably competent; we chose not to participate in the tasting and instead ordered from the a la carte menu, and we were pleased we did in a sense. The breads, a variety of amuse bouche, petit fours, and Limoncello were served in addition to the appetizer and main course we each ordered (all of which were delicious). I’m not sure how we could squeeze anything else in! We had the Vesuvius rigatoni, which was just delicious, then the lamb for our main course, which was also outstanding.

During your lunch, you will be met by each of the owners as well as the Head Chef, which is a wonderful touch. At the end of the evening, we felt as if we had been invited into someone’s house — albeit an excellent one, complete with the most incredible cuisine and experience. Our sole recommendation is to make a reservation in advance, since this is a hidden treasure in the hills. Accommodations in the hotel start at 500 euros per night, but we slept at the Relais Blu, which is about 20 minutes away and was just fantastic. Don’t hesitate to make a reservation!

Cuisine Type: Creative, Italian

Petto d anatra, composta di mela annurca, riduzione di aceto balsamico e cannella

Cernia ai sentori di vaniglia e limone su battuto di patate, zabaione alla colatura di alici e cenere di cipolle

Impressionismo di crema e zabaione al caffè

Address: corso Sant’Agata 11, Sant’ Agata sui Due Golfi, 80061, Italy

Phone: +39 081 878 0026

Website: Don Alfonso 1890 Official Site

Hours: Closed: 1 November-31 March, Monday, Tuesday, lunch : Wednesday-Friday

Michelin Stars: 2