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Torre del Saracino Reviews

We had been told that this would be a fantastic place to visit for supper, and we were not disappointed. Everything about the cuisine cooked by Gennaro Esposito and his staff was outstanding. We went for the tasting menu, and wow, what a flavor! The meal, wine, and overall environment were all outstanding. As a top restaurant, the one thing that surprised us was how polite and accommodating the staff was. The service was outstanding, as anticipated, but it was also warm and kind, and we absolutely liked the whole experience, which we would recommend to anybody. If you happen to be in this region of Italy, there is a restaurant that I highly suggest, even if you have to drive a bit to get there. It was a big hit with us.

Cuisine Type: Creative, Italian

Cefalo cerino arrosto

Cernia cotta sulla pelle con la sua essenza, curcuma e ricci di mare

Rucola, nocciole e olio extravergine di oliva

Address: via Torretta 9, Marina Equa, 80069, Italy

Phone: +39 081 802 8555

Website: Torre del Saracino Official Site

Hours: Closed: 10 January-10 February, Monday, lunch : Tuesday, dinner : Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2