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Quattro Passi Reviews

The location is excellent, with a magnificent view of the bay. We did not choose from their degustation menu (12 courses), but we were advised by the chef to choose a cold appetizer, a hot starter, a main meal, and a dessert from the options available. The food was fantastic, however I had hoped for a side dish to accompany the fish at the main course. Although the chef is quite kind and accommodating, it did worry me that he spent far more time with the party next to us. The staff is kind, although the restaurant is a tad disorganized for a 2* establishment. The wine list is excellent. The pricing is in line with the Michelin star rating of 2*. I regret that we did not choose for the degustational menu when we could have. Ultimately, the whole experience was excellent, although I had hoped for a little bit more from a Michelin 2-star establishment.

Cuisine Type: Mediterranean Cuisine, Italian

Il mio giardino

Spaghetto olio e pomodoro

Babà al rum

Address: via Vespucci 13/n, Marina del Cantone, 80061, Italy

Phone: +39 081 808 1271

Website: Quattro Passi Official Site

Hours: Closed: 1 November-31 December, 1 January-15 March, dinner : Tuesday, Wednesday

Michelin Stars: 2