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L’Olivo Reviews

Visit Casa Rossa and this restaurant while you’re there. L’Olivo serves a variety of Italian and Mediterranean dishes on its menu. Ordering delicious pasta, prawns, and meat is a pleasurable experience at this establishment. Delicious wines, cordials, and fino sherries are just a few of the beverages you should sample. Choose a nice cup of tea, and you will not be disappointed.

This establishment is well-known for providing excellent service and having a nice staff that is always willing to assist you. A large number of individuals believe that the meals are available at a cheap price. You will undoubtedly like the relaxing atmosphere and tasteful furnishings. Showpiece dishes produced by a renowned chef will be served at the Michelin-starred restaurant, which has received two stars.

Cuisine Type: Creative, Italian

Astice blu – Spinaci, zafferano e verdure agrumate

Pezzogna – Cous cous, pomodoro cuore di bue e peperoncini verdi

Affogato al caffè, nocciola e vaniglia – Bavarese al caffè, crema alla vaniglia, croccante e gelato al pralinato di nocciola

Address: Capri Palace Jumeirah Via Capodimonte 14, Anacapri, 80071, Italy

Phone: +39 081 978 0111

Website: L’Olivo Official Site

Hours: Closed: 17 October-13 April, lunch : Monday-Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2