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The French Laundry Reviews

Once released in 1999 (five years after the founding of the French Laundry restaurant), The French Laundry Cookbook shattered the mold of all prior cookbooks; it has since grown to be regarded as the most significant restaurant cookbook ever produced by many people. Since its publication in 2006, the book has served as an educational tool for thousands of people, ranging from home chefs to ambitious professionals. It is available at bookshops, vineyards, department stores, grocery stores, and even airports throughout the globe. With the opening of The French Laundry, Per Se 20 years later, the restaurant is poised to break new ground. Keller launched Per Se in New York City in 2004, and since then, the French Laundry and Per Se have grown intimately intertwined, with each restaurant’s growth being influenced by the flow of cooks and ideas between the two establishments. Since Keller’s books were first published, much has changed, and the recipes and methods covered in The French Laundry, Per Se will thrill and excite professional and home chefs in ways that only Keller’s books can provide. Throughout the book, he and his chefs provide meticulous, in-depth recipes for both beloved and iconic dishes — for example, Salmon Cornet, Peas and Carrots, and Butter-Poached Lobster — as well as essays of reflection, notes on the restaurants’ daily operations, information on farmers and purveyors, and lessons for young chefs around the world. The book also includes a fundamentals chapter that includes such discoveries as Parmesan mice, tomato water, and a variety of stocks that not only provide readers with insight into the foundations of these innovative dishes but can also be applied to enrich the meals of any home chef. The French Laundry, Per Se is certain to be the most highly anticipated cookbook of the year.

Cuisine Type: Contemporary, French

Oysters and pearls

Elysian Fields Farm lamb with crispy chickpea panisse

Banana ice cream with lime

Address: 6640 Washington St., Yountville, 94599, United States

Phone: +1 707-944-2380

Website: The French Laundry Official Site

Hours: Closed: lunch : Monday-Thursday

Michelin Stars: 3