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La Côte Saint-Jacques Reviews

The French food served at this restaurant is to the liking of the patrons. This restaurant is known for its flawlessly prepared escargots, caviar, and sirloin, which are all served in a rustic setting. You may be served delectable treats such as parfaits, macarons, and soufflés; don’t be afraid to indulge in them.

The wine selection is comprehensive, and it will be able to meet the demands of all of the visitors. Start your dinner off right with a delicious cup of coffee. The courteousness of the employees is what distinguishes this establishment. Visitors have expressed their appreciation for prompt service in their evaluations. You will be charged reasonable costs for your meal at this establishment. Clients can unwind in this setting thanks to the attractive décor and amazing ambience. Because of the great comfort it provides, this restaurant has been granted four red knife-and-fork insignia and has been included on the list of Michelin’s finest places to eat.

Cuisine Type: Classic Cuisine

Île flottante au caviar, gelée d’ail noir et crème au raifort

Ris de veau au gingembre, petits oignons, rhubarbe et radis

Glace à la rose en tulipe croustillante et pétales de rose cristallisée

Address: 14 faubourg de Paris, Joigny, 89300, France

Phone: +33 3 86 62 09 70

Website: La Côte Saint-Jacques Official Site

Hours: Closed: Monday, lunch : Tuesday

Michelin Stars: 2