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Rutz Reviews

In addition to being the newest of German’s three-star restaurants, Rutz is also the most difficult for me to evaluate. Different from any other three-star establishment in Germany, which tends to specialize on French cuisine, Rutz is more in the style of a modern Nordic restaurant that emphasizes the use of seasonal ingredients and the display of the wealth of its area. Not only will you not find high-end ingredients like as caviar and truffles on the menu at Rutz, but you will also not discover dishes such as Brittany Turbot, Bresse Chicken, or any of the other classics of fine dining. Everything, on the other hand, is imported from Germany. A variety of ingredients, including foraged mushrooms from a few hours away in Berlin, free-range chicken from a chef’s buddy, and everything in between This significantly increases the level of effort, but it results in a supper that is unlike anything else you’ve ever had before. Was the cuisine as good as the traditional cooking at Waldhotel Sonnora or the Japanese-influenced dishes at Victor’s Fine Dining? I couldn’t say. No, but it was more intriguing than the other. Even if one believes that being more fascinating equals being better, Marco Müller should be congratulated for his creativity and for continuing to push German cuisine ahead in his own way.

Cuisine Type: Modern Cuisine, Creative

Quellforelle, Lardo und Bottarga, Blumenkohl

Pilzaromen, Weidehuhn und Haut, Seegras

Lärche, Holz und Nadeln, Himbeere und Frische

Address: Chausseestraße 8, Berlin, 10115, Germany

Phone: +49 30 24628760

Website: Rutz Official Site

Hours: Closed: Monday, lunch : Tuesday-Saturday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 3