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Slagmolen Reviews

All customers will be pleased with the selection of Belgian and French cuisines on offer at this establishment. The chefs here make delectable dishes such as geese, bisque, and fillet steaks. This restaurant’s dame blanche, fruitcake, and praline are all excellent choices for a special occasion. It’s always enjoyable to sample great champagne or a fine chardonnay.

At Slagmolen, many visitors have commented on how lovely the staff is. The cool service is something that guests like about this establishment. You will undoubtedly like the inviting environment and eye-catching décor provided here. The showcase meals prepared by a well-known chef will be served to you at the Michelin-starred restaurant with two stars.

Cuisine Type: Traditional Cuisine

Slaatje met kreeft en appel

Mieral bressekip met truffel

Dame blanche

Address: Molenweg 177, Opglabbeek, 3660, Belgium

Phone: +32 89 85 48 88

Website: Slagmolen Official Site

Hours: Closed: 6-26 August, Tuesday, Wednesday, dinner : Saturday, lunch : Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2