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Restaurant Überfahrt Christian Jürgens Reviews

Food that makes you feel good. It seems strange to characterize a three-star dinner in this manner, but it is exactly what my lunch at Uberfahrt reminded me of. Despite the fact that the displays were current, the tastes were familiar and pleasant, albeit not very ambitious. Asparagus and hollandaise sauce for an appetizer. A distinctive meal that included potatoes, eggs, and truffle was created. The overall result was a pleasant supper that lacked standout items, but it was still nice. The trip was worthwhile, but it is not something I would do again.

Cuisine Type: Creative

Mariniertes Rinderfilet, Pflaume, Kräuter

Steinbutt, Bouchot-Muscheln, Escabeche-Sud

Guanaja-Schokolade, Mandelsahne, Aprikosensorbet

Address: Überfahrtstraße 10, Rottach-Egern, 83700, Germany

Phone: +49 8022 6690

Website: Restaurant Überfahrt Christian Jürgens Official Site

Hours: Closed: 18 October-11 November, Monday, Tuesday, lunch : Wednesday-Sunday

Michelin Stars: 3