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Obendorfer’s Eisvogel Reviews

The menu of German food is available for the enjoyment of all visitors to our establishment. Come here to savor some excellent kama. Petit fours, which are expertly prepared, are provided at this establishment.

The cool crew works hard, has a happy attitude, and helps to make this location excellent. Customers appreciate the excellent service provided here. After a long week at the office, you’ll appreciate the tranquil atmosphere created by the hotel. The gourmet meals prepared by a well-known chef will be served at the restaurant’s two-star Michelin rating.

Cuisine Type: Creative, Classic Cuisine

Lachs gebeizt, Chicorée, Dill, Arganöl, Fenchelcrumble

Taube, Purple Curry, Pfifferlinge, Jackfruit, Kohlrabi, Macadamia

Aprikose, Sauerampfer, Gurke

Address: Hofenstetten 43, Neunburg vorm Wald, 92431, Germany

Phone: +49 9439 9500

Website: Obendorfer’s Eisvogel Official Site

Hours: Closed: Monday, lunch : Tuesday-Saturday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2