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Les Deux Reviews

The Sculpture of Maximilian Joseph Graf Montgelas has concluded your visit to the museum; it is now time to unwind at this restaurant. Customers have said that it is OK to dine here for a French supper. You can get delicious sandwiches, tartare, and meat here. Les Deux is a great place to go if you want delicious praline, parfait, or fruitcake. Come in and sample some delectable wines, bitters, and champagne. Drinking excellent espresso is a requirement when visiting this establishment.

Customers are able to relax and enjoy themselves at our establishment because of the welcoming environment. The patient staff works hard, maintains a pleasant attitude, and contributes to the overall success of the facility. The service at this establishment can only be described as pleasant. Prices are regarded to be reasonable at this establishment. Les Deux is pleased with the large number of guests that come to admire the exquisite design. Gourmet meals produced by a well-known chef will be served to you at the Michelin-starred restaurant, which has two stars.

Cuisine Type: Modern French, French

Gebratene Jakobsmuschel, Spargel, Avocado, Tomate

Rehrücken, Steinpilze, Pflaume, Sellerie

Cassis, Waldbeeren, Schokolade, Champagner

Address: Maffeistraße 3a, Munich, 80333, Germany

Phone: +49 89 710407373

Website: Les Deux Official Site

Hours: Closed: 9-22 August, lunch : Saturday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2