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However, despite the fact that the hostess is usually a little grumpy and unwelcoming, the meal at this establishment was always superb.
I used to like ordering the prix fixe lunch, which included an appetizer and an entrée; it was a terrific value, but then I noticed that the amounts were growing smaller. When it happened again last week, the couple next to me ordered the same meal as I had but did not order it from the prix fixe menu — and LO and BEHOLD, their servings were almost twice as large as mine/ours. Now, before someone replies, “Well, the prix fixe was less expensive,” let me tell you that it was not much less expensive than purchasing two individual meals outright. This is the kind of game-playing that turns me off, as it should turn off all of our clients — it treats us as if we are “marks” to be hurried about. They may alter their strategy, but for the time being, I will refrain from commenting and return later to see whether they have managed to get their act together.

Cuisine Type: Creative

Lardo vom Stör, glasierter Rauchaal, Wurzelgemüse-Meerrettichwasser, Walnüsse, Kaviar, Kapuzinerkresse

Lammrücken und Bauch knusprig, Aubergine, Pimiento, Artischockensenf, Brebis

Augsburger Wasser, Wassermelone, Rum-Berberitzeneis, Himbeere, Erdbeerblätterbisquit, Limoncellogelee

Address: Johannes-Haag-Straße 14, Augsburg, 86153, Germany

Phone: +49 821 35279

Website: AUGUST Official Site

Hours: Closed: Monday, Tuesday, lunch : Wednesday-Saturday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2