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Cheval Blanc by Peter Knogl Reviews

The consistency of Knogl’s cooking, not just in terms of technical execution, but also in terms of putting together well-composed and balanced meals, was something that especially struck me. Every tasting menu, even at the top restaurants, has at least one perplexing taste combination or fall in quality during the course of the meal – an overpowering spice here, a wholly forgettable dish there. At Cheval Blanc, there were no such concerns, with each meal being of three-star quality, with tastes that were both memorable and precise. Perhaps the price of this constancy is fewer creative flavor combinations, but if the familiar tastes this excellent, it is a price I am willing to pay for comfort food in any form.

Cuisine Type: Classic French

Geräucherter Aal, Rote Bete, schwarzer Knoblauch und Wasabi

Rehrücken, Sellerie-Mousseline und Rouennaiser Sauce

Birne, Erdnüsse und Kresse

Address: Blumenrain 8, Basel, 4001, Switzerland

Phone: +41 61 260 50 07

Website: Cheval Blanc by Peter Knogl Official Site

Hours: Closed: 1-31 August, Monday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 3