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Le Cerf Reviews

When we were browsing for a Michelin-starred restaurant on the internet, one of the dishes on the menu, “la bouillabaisse,” caught our attention and we decided to visit and give it a try.

The restaurant’s décor is rather traditional, yet it has a warm touch to it thanks to the use of local art on the walls.
During our lunch, I like how pleasant and comfy the staff is.

We did not order from the set meal, which also looked delicious; instead, we had “la bouilllabaisse” with dessert from the a la carte menu. It is safe to say that the bouillabaisse was the greatest I’d ever had thus far. This bouillabaisse will not disappoint you, particularly if you are a seafood enthusiast like my husband and I. I have to say that it is “bouillabaisse royal.”

We were blown away by the desserts, which included Les figues de Provence rôties and Le saotoubo. Their dark chocolate is quite delicious, and it is not too sweet. and you can see that everything is based on a natural testing procedure.

Excellent work, the cerf really deserves the “star.”

Cuisine Type: Classic French

Kohlrabi, Schafskäse und Cashewkerne

Mäusdorfer Landgockel, Quitte, Steinpilze und Pastinake

Aprikose, Champagner und Verbene

Address: Kärcherstraße 11, Zweiflingen, 74639, Germany

Phone: +49 7941 60870

Website: Le Cerf Official Site

Hours: Closed: 18-27 August, Monday, Tuesday, lunch : Wednesday-Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2