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Hirschen Reviews

On a Saturday evening, the attractiveness of the patio and cuisine prompted us to enter Hotel Restaurant Hirsch. It didn’t take long for the tone of the evening to be established when the waitress requested (better: ordered) us to wait for her to clear a table where we might seat while whispering that she would never want to work here again (!?!). After we had decided on a lamb and beef entrecote, the waiter aggressively urged that we choose for the stein option (in which you grill the meat yourself), to which we respectfully declined, stating that we want to stick with the traditional option and let the chef to prepare our meat. After two failed efforts on our part, the waiter placed an order for the stein option on his iPad, completely disregarding our objections and concerns. Was it a ruse to charge us more money? Or was it because the kitchen was about to close? I have no clue why, but I have never encountered such a negative attitude from a waiter. If only this “house special,” as the waiter referred to it, had been outstanding, I may have been able to put up with it. However, since we like our meat baked bleu/saignant, the baking stone was of little use because the meat was already properly done when it was baked. As a matter of fact, we were charged an additional $20 for a cheesy “gourmet” experience that included antiquated sauces and presentation (cocktail sauce, sliced melon, pineapple, and plastic children’s birthday palm trees?!?). All in all, it was very pricey, we felt exploited as tourists, and we received the worst treatment we had had in a long time. The only thing that earned me a perfect score was the meat quality, which was the only thing that went well that evening.

Cuisine Type: Classic French

Rouget Barbet und rote Garnele, Coulis von Rote Bete, geeiste Crème von japanischem Meerrettich, Rucola

Gebratenes Reh mit Pistazien und Kornelkirschen, Jus von Wacholder, Pomelo und Orange, eingelegte Kumquats

Zartbitterschokolade, Orange und Basilikum

Address: Hauptstraße 69, Sulzburg, 79295, Germany

Phone: +49 7634 8208

Website: Hirschen Official Site

Hours: Closed: 19 December-18 January, 31 July-23 August, Monday, Tuesday, lunch : Wednesday-Saturday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2