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OLIVO Reviews

It seemed to be very empty when we went in, and a few of more tables were added later, but the restaurant clearly did not fill up. The first impression is of a really uninspiring ambiance with no music. I’m worried about the current situation and the price you pay for their so-called Sardinian food. At the very least, they should arrange for some hot water with decent water pressure in the ladies’ sink and perhaps turn on some heating, as four people across different tables (not only ladies) have had to put their coats/jackets on-you shouldn’t have to eat with your coat on in such a place! The beverages and meal for another couple at the table next to us did not come until well over 10 minutes had passed, although their drinks and food did arrive before ours. When we finally received the appetizers, we discovered that both the calamari and the pasta had been overdone. Two steaks, one medium rare and the other well done, were ordered and then just placed in front of us without any inquiry as to who served which—not excellent customer service or a demonstration of expertise on the part of the chef. By the time we get to the desert, we’ve given up and just asked for the bill. The wine and bread are authentically Sardinian, but that’s about it, and it’s not clear if it’s worth returning just for those two elements.

Cuisine Type: Modern Cuisine, Creative

Geflämmter Hamachi, Grüner Apfel, Wasabi, Avocado

Lamm vom Gutshof Polting, Rote Bete, Bagna Cauda, Ziegen-Vacherin

Felchlin „Edelweiss“, Himbeere, Calpis, Roter Shiso

Address: Arnulf-Klett-Platz 7, Stuttgart, 70173, Germany

Phone: +49 711 2048277

Website: OLIVO Official Site

Hours: Closed: 2 August-5 September, Monday, lunch : Tuesday-Saturday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2