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Restaurant Bareiss Reviews

Bareiss is a restaurant that does precisely what it sets out to do: it is a step back in time, both in terms of the design of the dining room and the cuisine that is served. However, although this form of cuisine is not the most visually appealing, it is among the most delicious, with the sauce work and pasty portion of Bareiss in particular being noteworthy. The Bareiss is my second favorite of the four “traditional” three-star hotels in Germany, behind only the Waldhotel Sonnora. However, I am excited to return to see whether the extended supper menu will give it a chance to take the top position.

Cuisine Type: Classic French, Modern Cuisine

Confierter Kabeljau mit gebratenen Steinpilzen, Steinpilzpüree und Schnittlauch

Taube mit Sellerie, eingelegten Zedra-Zitronen und Tonkabohnenglace

Topfensoufflé mit Passionsfruchtsauce, Cheesecakemousse, Ananas-Tamarindensorbet, Limettensablé und Bananeneis

Address: Hermine-Bareiss-Weg 1, Baiersbronn, 72270, Germany

Phone: +49 7442 470

Website: Restaurant Bareiss Official Site

Hours: Closed: 28 July-26 August, Monday, Tuesday

Michelin Stars: 3