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Le Pavillon Reviews

The cuisine, the wine selection, the ambiance, the décor, and the service were all outstanding. As an appetizer, I chose macquereau/radis, which was a bit of a gamble since mackerel is notoriously unappealingly strong in flavor. This mackerel had a distinct flavor and texture, and it was the greatest I’d ever eaten. My dinner buddy enjoyed the avocado/fines herbes dish, which I also enjoyed.
We enjoyed espadon/aubergine (swordfish and eggplant) for our main dishes, as well as panais/orange sanguine for dessert (parsnip & some lovely additions). The menu is separated into two sections: “mer” (seafood-based) and “terre” (land-based) (meat and vegetarian). The menu options are really inventive, and – although I can’t answer for what we didn’t eat – let me just say that our meals were absolutely delicious. In the hands of a skilled cook, vegetarian food may be considered haute cuisine. However, there are various meat selections on the menu, so it is not entirely vegetarian. Additionally, our deserts were excellent. Even though the presentations were really stunning, they were nearly too gorgeous to devour – but we went ahead and did it anyway! All of this attention to detail and brilliance comes at a cost. Even though the amounts are on the tiny side, we were fully happy and not uncomfortably stuffed after only three meals.
The dining area includes a stunning indoor garden with 15-foot-tall trees, which is perfect for entertaining.

Cuisine Type: Classic French

Carabineros, Basilikumeis, Fenchel, Chorizo

Rehrücken, Sellerie, Steinpilze, Preiselbeere

Zwetschgen, Mandeln, Sauerrahm

Address: Dollenberg 3, Bad Griesbach, 77740, Germany

Phone: +49 7806 780

Website: Le Pavillon Official Site

Hours: Closed: lunch : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, lunch : Thursday-Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2