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Yoann Conte Reviews

Yoann Conte is unquestionably well-known, and there were so many moving elements to this meal that there were charges associated with it. However, a $275 lunch for one individual with just two glasses of wine seems excessive. That seemed to be somewhat pricey. Still, there were other pleasant details, very outstanding bread service (though not the best I’ve ever had), and there were some standouts. The carrots many ways dish was possibly my favorite because of its creativity and flavor sensations, and it was accompanied with a delectable oyster dish. No feeling of a trip or a tale for this dinner, at least that’s what it seemed to me like there was. The components were meticulously selected and there were many fascinating tastes and combinations, so I must have eaten 8 or 10 little portions, each of which took time to prepare and was maybe a little fussy, but the flavors and combinations were all interesting. It was the only real criticism that the dessert was certainly underwhelming for a lunch of this price and presumed importance, a very average chocolate layered dessert, perhaps Napoleon, and there was only one dessert, so if you didn’t like it much, you were stuck with it and maybe another post meal chocolate… It was lovely to have the sommelier choose appropriate wines for my meals and to be able to sample them to find the right match. However, there were several sommeliers and each time I wanted to inquire, a new person answered the phone, so there was no consistency in that aspect. The service ranged from satisfactory to exceptional. The chef did come out to welcome me, and we had a lovely conversation for a few minutes, which was pleasant. A fairly normal pound cake that wasn’t that outstanding, maybe because it was older or a family recipe that had been passed down through generations, something historical, but as a baker myself, it didn’t stand out as anything special. It was a kind gesture, and one that doesn’t come around very often, but it would have been lovely to have been appreciated for it as well. Because the lake view is reserved for their “best” clients, which I was not as a first-time guest, one does not get to sit outside with a view of the lake, though my table near the kitchen was a fun spot to be a solo diner because it is a kitchen behind glass, so you can see them but it is not smoky, etc. Finally, if you appreciate a variety of little tastes, this option, albeit pricey, provides a glimpse into the world of Michelin rated restaurants. Personally, I would have like at least one of the dishes to be bigger and more substantial, rather than just a few nibbles of something delicious. I think the dessert section of what was a three-hour meal might have been better, but I enjoyed the emphasis on locally sourced or regional foods that this restaurant places on.

Cuisine Type: Creative

La carotte dans tous ses états

Homard entier de mes origines

“Mano a mano” , chocolat et porto

Address: 13 Vieille-Route-des-Pensières, Veyrier-du-Lac, 74290, France

Phone: +33 4 50 09 97 49

Website: Yoann Conte Official Site

Hours: Closed: 24 January-2 February, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Michelin Stars: 2