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Troisgros – Le Bois sans Feuilles Reviews

So, seize the day – the French food is waiting for you! At this restaurant, you can always count on getting wonderfully prepared misir, shellfish, and escargots. Spend some quality time here with your pals while enjoying delicious parfaits, macarons, and soufflés.

Wine selection is broad, ensuring that each and every visitor will find something to their liking. According to the feedback from guests, the waiters provide excellent coffee. The majority of customers have commented on how nice the staff is. The service at Troisgros – Le Bois sans Feuilles is exceptional, and it is difficult to fault it. You will undoubtedly be impressed by the amazing ambience and tasteful decoration. Because of the outstanding comfort it offers, this establishment has been granted four red knife-and-fork insignia and has been added to the list of Michelin best addresses.

Cuisine Type: Creative

Tartelette de girolles et de crabe

Noisettes d’agneau grillées

Soleil safran

Address: 728 route de Villerest, Ouches, 42155, France

Phone: +33 4 77 71 66 97

Website: Troisgros – Le Bois sans Feuilles Official Site

Hours: Closed: 3-10 August, Monday, Tuesday

Michelin Stars: 3