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Takao Takano Reviews

Takao Takano is closed on Saturdays and Sundays, so I grabbed at the opportunity to make a lunch appointment when I was through Lyon on a Wednesday.

The experience well surpassed my expectations for a Michelin two-star establishment, and the execution and range of meals were both excellent. My favorite part of the season was the abundance of autumnal vegetables, such as mushrooms, salsify, celeriac (including Jerusalem artichoke), pear and truffles.
Some of the highlights of the meal included lake fish served with chard, lovage and crayfish, as well as the stuffed mushrooms stuffed with veal and served with chicken jus and foie gras jus. However, each course was a unique creation, featuring different ingredients and complementary flavor profiles from course to course.

Exceptional choices for wines by the glass were supplied by the sommelier, who was also courteous and professional. The cheese cart and petit fours did not disappoint!

This restaurant is highly recommended if you love chef-driven food that incorporates fresh ingredients and inventiveness – and I hope to have the opportunity to visit again sooner rather than later.

Cuisine Type: Creative

Cèpes rôtis et pied de cochon, café crème

Homard breton, bouillon à la thaïlandaise

Soufflé à la châtaigne et clémentine

Address: 33 rue Malesherbes, Lyon, 69006, France

Phone: +33 4 82 31 43 39

Website: Takao Takano Official Site

Hours: Closed: 31 July-22 August, 24 December-3 January, Saturday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2