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Le Neuvième Art Reviews

Because of the positive ratings, my wife and I decided to have supper here. The sardine and quail egg amuse bouches were outstanding, with a superb flavor and well prepared cooking. I had the heated duck foie gras, which was excellent, and my wife had the tomato prepared in a variety of ways, which was also excellent. It was a pleasure to eat the fish courses, and the shellfish and mushroom ragout had a large amount of high-quality shellfish and tasted fantastic. The same could be said for the John Dory dish, which was of really high quality as well. However, the meal of the day was the pigeon, which was really delicious. The combination of pigeon and sauce was very delicious. Although the lamb dish was wonderful, the pigeon dish was much better. A delicious pre-dessert of raspberries, creme patisserie, and mint served on a crispy waffle was a pleasant surprise. I ordered the figs pancake, but the flavor of the fig was overshadowed by the thyme infusion, which I thought was a shame. My wife ordered the strawberry dessert with vanilla cream and strawberry ice tea, which she thought was much better than the other options. It was quite enjoyable. The savory items, in my opinion, were superior. The petit fours were delicious, and the coffee was good as well. We also got a tiny panettone with coffee, which was just gorgeous, really light, with a wonderful flavor and a lovely crispy crust on the outside. The staff wrapped it up for me since I wasn’t able to eat it all, and I savored it the following day. The service was fantastic, and the waiting staff was quite nice and eager to engage in conversation when we chatted with them. A fantastic lunch that is deserved of its two Michelin stars and more, served at a very cheap price. I’d come back again and again.

Cuisine Type: Creative

Poulpe de roche rôti, haricots verts et pamplemousse brûlé, terrine de tomate et de pastèque

Lieu jaune de ligne, navet nouveau aillé et bouillon de lait de coco

Grosse truffe de chocolat noir kacinkoa, sacristain et sorbet cassis

Address: 173 rue Cuvier, Lyon, 69006, France

Phone: +33 4 72 74 12 74

Website: Le Neuvième Art Official Site

Hours: Closed: 8-30 August, Monday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2