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Les Morainières Reviews

Its clients may enjoy French food at this establishment. Les Morainières is renowned for its excellently prepared misir, consummate, and amuse bouches, among other things. The chefs at this establishment create delectable parfaits, fruitcakes, and soufflés.

The wine selection is broad, and every visitor will be able to find something that suits their preferences. Many tourists believe that this is a fantastic spot to have a cup of delicious coffee. The friendly team is available to greet visitors at any time of year. The service at this establishment can only be described as outstanding. The exotic ambience and contemporary design will undoubtedly appeal to you. Michelin-starred gourmet meals created by a world-renowned chef will be served at the two-star Michelin restaurant.

Cuisine Type: Creative, Modern Cuisine

Tartare d’écrevisses du Rhône, tagète signata et coriandre

Lavaret du lac du Bourget, carotte, citron et cumin des prés

Lait bio de nos fermes environnantes, vanille et épeautre soufflé

Address: Route de Marétel, Jongieux, 73170, France

Phone: +33 4 79 44 09 39

Website: Les Morainières Official Site

Hours: Closed: 26 December-15 January, Monday, Tuesday

Michelin Stars: 2