About Caspian Monarque has established a scholarship program to assist students who plan to continue their education by pursuing an undergraduate / masters or PHD degree in food science, aquaculture, business (luxury marketing), or Iranian Studies. This program is administered by our company, one of the world’s largest producers of caviar. Scholarships are granted without Read more

Baerii Caviar

A world-renowned delicacy and the ultimate in extravagance with an exquisite palette beyond all else. When it comes to food, luxurious, delectable and high-quality caviar is one of the most sought-after items of food on the globe. This is in part thanks to its otherworldly taste, exemplary quality, and unique flavour. However, when it comes Read more

What is Caviar

The value of caviar processed from sturgeon roe is enormous. Sturgeon roe constituted by weight is the most expensive food on earth, and the Iranian Beluga and Iranian Almas being more expensive than gold. The nutritional value of sturgeon roe is superior to fish flesh of other species. It always contains more proteins and fats. Read more

Where to Look for Caviar Substitutes

Is there a possibility for caviar substitutes? Ask anyone who has read a book or two and chances are, he knows the word caviar. The problem is, while almost everyone knows the word caviar, only a few people really know what it is and where it comes from. Most people even commit the mistake of Read more

Tips on Buying Caviar

Discover unknown Tips on how buying Caviar in high quality Caviars are delicacies that are known to have tickled the palates of the rich and the famous. However, did you know that the early American settlers used to dislike the taste of sturgeon fish from where the caviar eggs are sourced from, and let their Read more

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