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Gasthaus Zur Fernsicht – Incantare Reviews

This is the best location in the vicinity of Kirchturm Heiden. Fusion food is available at this establishment. Good fondue, tartare, and amuse bouches should be tried. It’s time to sample some delectable cremeschnitte. Visit Gasthaus zur Fernsicht if you want to taste some wonderful wine. After a hard working week, it’s nice to have a cup of good coffee.

The personnel at this establishment is reported to be well-trained. The service at this establishment can only be described as excellent. This is where you will find a serene atmosphere. The presence of three red knife-and-fork emblems indicates that this location has been identified as one of the top locations by Michelin experts due to its high-quality service.

Cuisine Type: Classic Cuisine, Creative

Carabinero, Nostrano-Gurke, grünes Curry und Basilikum

Ente, Yacón, Steinpilz, Amaranth und Borettane-Zwiebel

Alte Zwetschge, Buchweizen, Apfel und Petersilie

Address: Seeallee 10, Heiden, 9410, Switzerland

Phone: +41 71 898 40 40

Website: Gasthaus Zur Fernsicht – Incantare Official Site

Hours: Closed: 3-17 October, Monday, lunch : Tuesday-Saturday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2