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Nuance Reviews

If you happen to be in the vicinity of Openbare bibliotheek Duffel, you may dine at this establishment. The Belgian and French cuisine is well worth trying at this establishment. A delicious foie gras, sardine, and amuse bouche are prepared by the chef at Nuance. You may indulge on delicious parfaits, ice cream, and fruitcake.

The wine selection is diverse, and every visitor will be able to find something that suits their preferences. This establishment is recommended by certain customers for its excellent coffee. The majority of reviews have commented on how pleasant the staff is at this establishment. The quality of service is something that customers often mention in their evaluations. It is possible to have delicious meals at a reasonable price at this establishment. Visitors can unwind at this establishment because of the elegant décor and inviting ambiance. This two-star Michelin restaurant will give you delectable cuisine prepared by a well-known celebrity chef.

Cuisine Type: Creative

Langoustine en tomaat met vanille en anijszaad

Tarbot en ansjovis met witte druiven en amandelmelk

Abrikoos en arganolie

Address: Kiliaanstraat 8, Duffel, 2570, Belgium

Phone: +32 15 63 42 65

Website: Nuance Official Site

Hours: Closed: 29 July-2 August, Tuesday, Wednesday, lunch : Saturday

Michelin Stars: 2