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The Jane Reviews

When it comes to good dining, The Jane is a shining example of what a contemporary fine dining establishment should be. At addition to the delicious cuisine and kind and sincere service in this establishment, the dining space oozes grandeur without being stuffy. While Chef Nick Brill’s cuisine is tough to describe, no one would argue that he is a reductionist in his approach to cooking. The dishes are opulent, but they are also well-thought out and cohesive. The Jane seems to be a strong contender for promotion to a third star, based on its previous performance. Based on my lunch, they are already deserving of one. It’s one of my favorite dinners of the year, hands down.

Cuisine Type: Creative

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Address: Paradeplein 1, Antwerpen, 2018, Belgium

Phone: +32 3 808 44 65

Website: The Jane Official Site

Hours: Closed: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Michelin Stars: 2