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Aponiente Reviews

This particular Friday in April is very pleasant, so we decide to leave the rental vehicles at the hotel in Jerez and take the train to El Puerto de Santa Mara instead of driving ourselves there. With 11 Belgian wine enthusiasts in our company, the prospect of returning to the hotel sober would be torturous for the three drivers in our group. We’ve made a reservation for supper at Aponiente, the three-star Michelin restaurant owned by chef Angel Leon and sommelier Juan Ruiz in Madrid. Guests are enjoying this restaurant as part of a three-day sherry tour that includes bodega visits and other culinary highlights.

Aponiente is housed in an ancient tidal mill on the outskirts of town, and after passing through an outstanding corten steel gate, you are met on a patio with two tiny glass pavillions, which overlooks the water. The appetisers are served here, and they are accompanied with a glass of sobretabla, which is produced by the winery cooperative Tierra de albarizas in Trebujena. An excellent pairing for a young white wine with the classic freshness of Palomino (not yet sherry but ready to be poured into a solera) is fish charcuterie (sobrasada de horse mackerel or mortadela de sea bass), a white cannelé of oak-dried sardines, and the famous tortillita de camarones (shrimp fritter), which is as light as air and made with fresh

What a terrific way to start and a perfect display for what this restaurant is renowned for: all types of local fish and seafood dishes, little bursts of the ocean disguised as culinary trompe-l’oeils that deceive you into believing it’s really something else, even meat.

Cuisine Type: Creative, Innovative

Tortillas de camarones

Ostra marinera


Address: Francisco Cossi Ochoa, El Puerto de Santa María, 11500, Spain

Phone: +34 956 85 18 70

Website: Aponiente Official Site

Hours: Closed: Monday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 3